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Anatomy At A Glance - Omar Faiz & David Moffat

Rating: Rating: 2 out of 5


Price: it's cheaper than buying a full text. Could possibly get away with this plus an anatomy atlas (e.g. McMinn's)


Not really enough information to pass phase I. Competition from other anatomy texts is too strong for this book

Rough Price:


Blackwell Publishing



I must admit that I’d almost of made up my mind about this one before I even read it. As I opened the cover with one hand, I found myself searching for the “one star” image for the website. I don’t like anatomy books that are too concise because they are just that, too concise. I made the mistake of buying Crash Course: Anatomy in my first year and as soon as we started actually doing anatomy I realised that I needed a proper textbook, that the library didn’t have enough copies of the proper textbooks and that you can’t fob Crash Course: Anatomy off onto anyone (if anyone does want a copy, there’s one for sale if you e-mail me!).

I digress. The point is it’s difficult to condense the amount of functional, surface, micro, macro and sectional anatomy that we need to know for this course, it may well be impossible. Having said this, Blackwell are dammed if they’re going to let that stop them trying, and to be fair to them, this is the best attempt I’ve seen so far.

The diagrams are predominantly well-labelled and the authors have tried to include clinical relevance where possible (in helpfully shaded boxes) and photographs of surface anatomy are also included (if a little poorly labelled).

In terms of passing the spot tests (which is what most people reading this will care about) you really need an atlas with photos of prosections in and to complete your log books successfully, Clinically Oriented Anatomy really is the runaway winner in this group.

Reviewed By: Ian Anderson (11.05.2006)

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Clinically Oriented Anatomy - Keith Moore & Arthur Dalley Rating: 5 out of 5
Oxford Handbook Of Clinical Sciences - Robert Wilkins et al. Rating: 4 out of 5
The Anatomy Coloring Book - Wynn Kapit & Lawrence Elson Rating: 3 out of 5
Crash Course: Anatomy - Phillip Ameerally Rating: 1 out of 5