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The Pill : The Facts - John Guillebaud

Rating: Rating: 3 out of 5


Lots of information
Useful statistics help to put things into perspective


Many won't want to spend £13 on a whole book just about contraception

Rough Price:


Oxford University Press



This book (“The Pill and other forms of Hormonal Contraception” to give it its full title) is another in Oxford University Press’s “The Facts” series, and despite having a different author to “Sexually Transmitted Infections: The Facts”, is written in a similar style. All the information that you need as a clinician is in there but it is written in a style that makes it perfectly accessible to lay people too.

For many medics (probably about half of them if you think about it!) the pill is a formality and they have enough pre-existing experience to bluff their way through most pill consultations. The boys (or should I say ‘the other half’) though may need a little help along the way to understanding the pill and this book offers more than enough detail to bring them right up-to-speed.

The text is written in a clear, easily understandable style that makes it the sort of book that you can use to look something specific up or just read cover to cover, with equal ease. Unlike “Sexually Transmitted Infections: The Facts”, it also contains a myriad of useful diagrams and tables that will appease even the laziest of readers (me!).

In addition to its readability, this books other main strength is that it contains lots of statistics about the relative dangers of being ‘on the pill’ (something older patients/parents still worry excessively about) that can be used to measure and put risks into perspective. The author has also used his considerable experience to compile a list of the 100 most frequently asked questions about the pill and answers to these.

Reviewed By: Ian Anderson (10.08.2006)

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