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Oxford Handbook Of Obstetrics & Gynaecology - S. Arulkumaran et al. (eds)

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Oxford University Press



With all the Oxford Handbooks, you know that you’re getting a good book with accurate information, and this is no different for the Oxford Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. It covers all the vital areas of obs and gynae well and as always, covers diseases and conditions, differential diagnoses, treatment, and outcome; in fact it’s always a bit of a struggle to see how they fit an entire speciality into such a small book! This is where the drawbacks come…

Only two types of people really need to buy this book: the mega geeks who feel the need to follow a doctor round when they’re on placement but are too scared to ask what things mean (and therefore need a constant reference book) and those who have got an obs and gynae foundation job or desperately want one. The rest of us mere mortals just need a simple obs and gynae text book that explains and teaches the things that are core for the exams in an easy way.

Topics are presented in a clinical context and cover everything you’d need if a patient with any obs or gynae problem was placed in front of you, but small text and a lack of pictures means it isn’t ideal as a primary learning aid. Although this is a great book containing the core facts about all common (and lots of less common) obs and gynae problems, it doesn’t explain them to you and therefore you already need a sound knowledge base of obs and gynae before it will really make sense.

Reviewed By: Siobhan Wilson (15.09.2006)

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