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Lecture Notes: Oncology - Mark Bower & Jonathan Waxman

Rating: Rating: 3 out of 5


Relatively cheap. Well written. Very easy to understand


Not really enough information on history taking & examination in oncology. The "blue book" you're given for free during med/surg seems to be adequate for most people

Rough Price:


Blackwell Publishing



Lecture Notes: Oncology is a new addition to the Lecture Notes series but you wouldn’t realise it when you read this well written text. The book comprises three sections, the first of which is a general introduction to cancer, the second section takes a systems-based approach to the various cancers and the last bit of the book focuses on the management of oncology patients.

From start to finish, this book is clearly and concisely written with lots of large diagrams and photos of patients. Unfortunately it is printed in black and white, (except for a colour plate in the middle) which means that it does not catch the eye as well as it might otherwise have done. Having said this, if you do want a colour book you’ll probably end up paying a fiver or so more than for this one. The book uses tables to display key information (something that proves very popular among many medics) although some of these boxes contain information that might be better suited to other formats. Where necessary, the authors have taken the time to explain the aetiology of disease processes and how various treatments work. This makes the topics easier to digest, particularly for those with little or no previous experience.

This book is a great starting point from which to learn about oncology at a student level and easily covers everything that you need to know for the oncology part of year 4. However, if you intend to pursue a career in oncology or indeed do a cancer-based SSC/BSc, you may well find the text lacking the depth of information you require.

Reviewed By: Ian Anderson (10.05.2006)

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