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Illustrated Textbook Of Paediatrics - Tom Lissauer & Graham Claydon

Rating: Rating: 5 out of 5


One of two exceptional paediatrics books on sale at the moment


Expensive. Very tough competition

Rough Price:





The layout of this book leaves much to be desired, and is poorer that I’d have expected from a book in the illustrated text series. However, although the book can be difficult to navigate at times, it does still contain all the necessary info about common paediatric conditions and their management. “Illustrated Textbook Of Paediatrics” is the book I used during my paediatrics rotation and I bought it having read through the others and deciding that this was the best. Many of the others don’t offer this much depth and it was certainly adequate to research conditions for presentations etc. as well as providing me with something to look through when my consultant didn’t show up again and again!

Unfortunately it’s unrealistic to condense paediatrics into a nice, short text because essentially it’s all of medicine and surgery but for little people. It will therefore come as no surprise that like the only other book in this class that’s worth the effort (namely “Paediatrics And Child Health”) this text is both big and expensive.

So which paediatrics book is the best? It’s a tough call and either “Paediatrics And Child Health” or “Illustrated Textbook Of Paediatrics” would happily see you through. Perhaps “Paediatrics And Child Health” just has the edge, given it comes with a useful CD-ROM on examining the child patient and lots of practice questions. I’d recommend sitting down in one of the bookshops and having a browse to see which one suits you best because different people will find different layouts useful.

[My apologies; some of this review is not dissimilar to my review of “Paediatrics And Child Health” but it applies to both books so copied it to this one]

Reviewed By: Ian Anderson (20.05.2006)


Paediatrics And Child Health - Mary Rudolf & Malcolm Levene