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The Renal System At A Glance - Chris O'Callaghan

Rating: Rating: 3 out of 5


This book is a great introduction to renal medicine and will cover some popular exam topics


Could you be bothered to sit down and read it? - Probably not!

Rough Price:


Blackwell Publishing



On your list of books to buy, you’re unlikely to have a specific ‘renal’ book but given the Medical School’s penchant for asking about renal failure in exams, perhaps we should all have a copy of “The Renal System At A Glance” or similar by our desks.

“The Renal System At A Glance” is designed to provide medical students with all the necessary information about renal physiology, pharmacology and nephrology but without going overboard. This second edition is now printed in colour and contains new information such as the section about pregnancy and the kidney.

This book tackles the difficult subject matter with apparent ease and the diagrams that accompany the text certainly improved my understanding of the workings of the kidney. Having said this, I’d like to see it condensed further; I feel that there’s still too much information to take in here. Most of us don’t get to spend long on a renal medicine firm before turning our attention to other specialties and I think that this book would benefit from a summary chapter, consisting of several pages on just the basic stuff to help you get by on the wards. This is all minor criticism of what is essentially, a well-written and presented text and one that I would recommend as an introduction to the field.

I’d struggle to say that you couldn’t do without this book since I’ve nearly finished med school without it and so have my friends but if you did buy it and then sit down and actually read it, then I think you’d really see the benefits in your exam marks!

Reviewed By: Ian Anderson (19.05.2006)

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