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Below is a list of some of the best organisations in Leeds for young adults:
You can also search for local services and centres at (click here)

Oxford Chambers, Oxford Place, Leeds LS1 3AU
Genesis supports women and girls involved in or at risk of becoming involved in prostitution. The projects offers support and advocacy for women of all ages.
C/o 44a Headingley Lane, Leeds LS6 2EB
LPCC is a confidential service offering free pregnancy testing and counselling to women (their partners and families) who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy. Post abortion and miscarriage counselling also available. Clients can sel refer.
C/o 23 Manor Drive, Leeds LS6 1DE

Leeds Sexpression is a group of university students that delivers sex and relationships education in the Leeds area. We can come to your school and give dynamic, fun and informative lessons to you and your class! Click here to e-mail us.

18 Mulberry Street, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 7XP
The Health Centre is a registration and pick-up point for the C-Card scheme, which allows young people to get a card which can be used to obtain condoms from any other pick-up point or registration point.
Sex In The City (City CentreYoung People's Clinic)
The Market Place, 28 Kirkgate, Leeds, LS2 7DJ
Drop-in clinic for under 25s. No appointments needed. This is a contraceptive and sexual health clinic specifically for young people 25 and under. Services on offer include contraception, free condoms, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, termination referral, dental dams and some testing for STIs. The clinic is also a registration and pick-up point for the C-Card scheme.
Health Bus
Tel: 0113 3059697

The teenage health bus is a friendly and confidential service where any young person can get information, support and advice on lots of health matters e.g. General Health Information Pregnancy Testing, Free Condoms, Talking in confidence to bus staff (nurses and youth workers), Contraception, Support in contacting other services (e.g. clinics & doctors), Information on HIV & other sexually transmitted infections. The bus is also a registration and pick-up point for the C-Card scheme.

2 Oxford Place, Leeds LS1 3AY
THT provide care and support to people living with and affected by HIV. Services include Living well with HIV course, Employment training and advice, Support groups, Welfare benefits, housing and immigration advice, Respite care and Complementary therapies
Department of Genito-urinary medicine, Sunnybank Wing, LGI, Leeds LS1 3EX

The Leeds Centre for Sexual Health is an outpatient clinic, specialising in providing Sexual Health services. The service includes investigation and treatment of all sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. Sexual health advice, information, education and counselling available. The service has no age limit. The Centre is also a pick-up point for the C-Card scheme.

C/o St Peters House, 28 Kirkgate, Leeds 2

Work with young people aged 13-25 on various issues affecting them. Offer free drop in with condoms, pregnancy testing, sexual health information and referral. Also offer one to one support via counselling, individual support work and my plan. One to one referrals are via the drop in. The Market Place is also a registration and pick-up point for the C-Card scheme.

The Cardigan Centre,145-149 Cardigan Road, Leeds LS6 1LJ

Youthpoint is an information and support service serving young people aged 13-19 in North West Leeds. The organisation offers information and support on any issue raised by young people, individual support and group work, c-card and pregnancy testing, Baby Reality programmes, sexual health workshops, support for teenage parents and referral and advocacy with other appropiate services. Youthpoint is also a registration point for the C-Card scheme.



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